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Reiki (universal life force energy) is a form of holistic, natural, hands-on or hands-off healing that involves the transfer of energy through practitioner to client to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself by removing blockages and balancing their energy. The system heals on all levels: emotionally, mentally, physically, & spiritually.


Accelerates the body's natural ability to heal itself and return to its natural state, deep relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, experience inner-peace and calmness, removes energy blockages, improves focus, aids with better sleep, heals past trauma, detoxifies your system, helps you discover your life purpose, increases your vibrational frequency, re-establish spiritual balance, compliments medical treatments or other therapies

and more!


Anyone can practice reiki. Every human has reiki energy within them. Taking a class and getting attuned simply teaches you how to tap into your energy and the attunements strengthens your energy. 

No matter what you want to do in life, you can integrate and infuse reiki into everything you do! Reiki enhances your daily life, can be used for self-healing, it can enhance any type of work that you do, or you can start a career simply offering reiki treatments or classes. There are no limitations as to what you do with Reiki. The energy is universal!


This class is right for you if any of the following resonate with you:

If you're ready to let go of suffering and step into your higher self, if you're ready to discover your true self, if you're ready to heal holistically on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, & spiritually. If you feel called to tap into a higher purpose, if you feel like there's a deeper meaning to life, if you're ready to release old systems and old ways of being that are no longer serving you, you need guidance on your self-discovery, healing, or holistic journey,  you're ready to be the sovereign being you came here to be, if you want to take back your power and stay in your divinity, if you know you are a creator of this new earth, you're ready to call in your soul tribe.

The callings are's on you to answer :)


A transformative training class to learn Reiki and get attuned to self-heal and to facilitate healing for others. I offer a 5-week course and a 2-day intensive course. Upon completion, you will be certified to offer reiki professionally or for personal-use. This course is taught in-person and combines education, demonstration, and practice so you feel confident as you develop your reiki practice on yourself and others!


What’s included:

*Reiki attunements/reiju for Level 1 and 2.

*Usui Reiki Ryoho Levels  1 and 2 Certificate
*A Level 1 and 2 Manual Book
*Reiki-infused hot herbal tea provided at each class
*On-going support from Sol
*Access to a private online Reiki support group
*Invitations to Reiki shares where you can come practice with other practitioners and learn from each other


Shoden/Level 1:
Level 1 is all about self-discovery, developing inner-spiritual growth, strengthening your intuition, and raising your vibration to the first degree of Usui Reiki energy with your first reiju (spiritual blessing). Open yourself to the deep and powerful energy that Reiki brings and learn how to connect with your Higher Self and Spirit guides. This level is really about getting to know your true self, connecting to universal life energy, and learning the history & system of reiki. You’ll learn how to give yourself, other people, animals, plants, and your food/drinks reiki treatments. You will learn about your 7 main chakras thoroughly, how to asses a recipient; and how to integrate meditations, crystals/pendulums, aromatherapy, and sound healing into your treatments. You will have the opportunity to practice on yourself and on someone else in the class (someone will practice on you as well!)


Okuden/Level 2:
Level 2 is about deepening your innerstanding of reiki and working with others. You discover your Earth, Heart, and Heaven energies. You will learn about the first 3 sacred symbols and mantras of reiki and receive a reiju (spiritual blessing) to strengthen your intentions when doing treatments. You will also learn a method to be guided by Spirit and how to give reiki from a distance (physical distance and time distance--healing the past or sending the energy to the future.) For level 2, you will also learn how to turn your practice into a business and you’ll learn practices and more techniques for working with others. You will have time to practice treatments on others and practice doing professional treatments.



Level 3 focuses on personal development and how to perform the Japanese Reiju and Western attunements.

At this level you move into discovering more about the mysteries of life. The relation between yourself and the universe. This can be practiced for the rest of your life and is always a personal practice which can develop into a professional teaching practice if you so desire

This is where life and the system of Reiki merge. Instead of thinking of Reiki as a lifetime practice we now know that life is our Reiki practice. Students who wish to teach the system of Reiki will most importantly need to further their own personal practice before beginning to teach. This class will help you develop a deeper practice.

Upon completion, you will be certified to attune others to Reiki and teach professionally. This course is taught in-person and combines education, demonstration, and practice so you feel confident as you grow your reiki practice.


Prerequisite: Certified in Usui Reiki Levels 1 +2


What’s included:
*Reiki attunements/reiju for Level 3 Master.
*Usui Reiki Ryoho Levels  3 Master Certificate
*A Level 3 and Master Manual Book
*Reiki-infused hot herbal tea provided at each class
*On-going mentorship from Sol
*Access to a private online Reiki Master support group
*Invitations to Reiki shares where you can come practice with other practitioners and learn from each other


Day 1 
Shinpiden/Level 3:

Learn the Empowerment/Master symbol. Learn how to move into the void, create a deeper energetic connection to the Great Bright Light, become the Great Bright Light and learn how to do hands-off healing. You will learn a method of vibrational breathing, a method of vibrational meditation and contemplation (this technique can bring you into a deep state of meditation), a method of cleansing the spinal cord to release karma, and a method of using pressure with your hands.

We'll cover Western meditations and techniques such as Reiki Psychic Surgery, Grounding Cord Exercise, Auric Cleanse, Chakra Check Visualization, Reiki Master Meditation, Experiment in Surrender,  & Contacting and Connecting with Spirit Guides 


Day 2
Shinpiden/Level 3:

You will learn how to do a Japanese Reiju and the Western attunement, what it means to be a Reiki teacher, building your personal, professional, and teaching practice, and you'll have plenty of time to practice the reiju/attunements, and the new methods/techniques.

Email for class date requests


Your Reiki journey is beyond SPECIAL and your teacher can make such a huge impact in your life! If you're not sure if this class is the right fit for you or if you have any questions/concerns or want to get to know each other to see if we vibe...please feel free to email me at so we can chat or to schedule a call :) 



'Taking Reiki Level 1 & 2 with Sol was the beginning of a new way of life for me, the training truly has been life changing in so many ways. Sol is an amazing practitioner who is passionate about raising the vibrations of the planet and through taking the reiki course I was not only able to connect to a higher calling and purpose but I am able to feely express my creative passion for sound healing. In addition to raising the vibrations of those around me and I get to implement reiki energy in my business practices such as infusing my natural

hair products with reiki.



Thank you Sol for guiding me as I continue to raise my frequency and for supporting me as I dive deeper into my callings and manifest infinite abundance in all aspects of my life.'


'Sol has such a beautiful and gentle aura! I am so grateful that I listened to my intuition and got certified in Reiki 1 + 2 with her! One thing I truly appreciate about her is that she gets straight to the point in her teachings. If you are looking to get certified with someone you sincerely cares about the awakening of humanity then Sol is the mentor whom you've been waiting for. Thank you so much Sol for the love that radiates in your practice as a light worker on this planet.'



'The energy that you needed without realizing it. This class was a recharge of self, while understanding the power within you. If anyone every doubted reiki or the power one holds inside, this class fills in that void. Thank you Sol for creating a space of love, connection, elevation, and community.'


'From the very moment I saw Sol's virtual reiki certification course, I knew immediately I wanted to take it. I was a little nervous the first day, but Sol had a very natural calming aura and felt at ease quickly. I learned so much in this course than a previous reiki class I had taken prior. Sol always answered any questions I had and spent time explaining topics I was unsure about. She also spent time going over the topics I wanted to learn more about/seemed more interested in. I would highly recommend taking her classes to anyone interested.'


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