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closed or over-active root: depression, stress, anxiety, financial worries, feelings of lack of trust & security, greed


body: constipation, hemorrhoids, anorexia, knees, obesity, feet, legs, base of spine, colon, kidney


open root: you feel safe, secure, trusting, stress-free



closed sacral or over-active: lack of creativity, lack/fear of intimacy, lack of enthusiasm, issues with sexuality, issues with relationship to money, difficulty with pro-creation, lack of desires


body: uterine, bladder, kidney, lower back, hips, low libido


open sacral: intimate, healthy relationships, inspired, creative, pleasure, passionate, desire, pro-creation, enthusiastic



closed or over-active solar plexus: lack of personal power, no sense of identity, no will power, lack of confidence, difficulty with manifestation, low vitality, lack of sense of humor, lack of energy, disempowerment, ego-centric, sociopath, insulting, manipulative, over-controlling


body: Digestive problems, diabetes, shakes, immune system, ulcers, hypoglycemia, 


open solar plexus: will power, identity, confidence, manifestation, vitality, energized, humor, driven, intellectual, ambition, action


closed or over-active heart: lack of compassion, unable to forgive, lack of self-love, sadness, insecurity, mistrust, lack of empathy, depression, codependency, grief, stinginess, jealousy, excessive self-interest

body: heart, high blood pressure, lung disease, asthma, digestive problems

open heart: open-heart, forgiving, self-love, unconditional love, empathy, compassion, supporting, trusting, generosity, oneness 


closed or over-active throat: introverted, shy, unable to communicate, hard time expressing, lack of honesty, feelings of not fulfilling your life's purpose

body: throat, stiff neck, cold, speech disorders, thyroid, hearing, parathyroid, asthma, breathing problems

open throat: expression, communication, inner-voice, creativity, truth, speaking/listening, honesty


closed or over-active third eye:  lack of awareness, dull memory, nightmares, poor dream recall, mistrustful of your inner voice, logic and cynicism win over depth and magic, difficulty concentrating, not feeling grounded in reality, lost in fantasies, paranoia

body: vision, eyestrain, headaches, blindness 

open third eye: in tune with subtle energies, clarity, perception, imagination, intuition, spiritual insight, memory, psychic consciousness, wisdom, power of mind, clairvoyance, dream recall, decisive, healthy relationship with subconscious


closed or over-active crown: , depression, alienation, confusion, boredom, apathy, inability to learn or comprehend, unable to manifest, lack of life meaning, hopeless

body: migraines, headaches, top of head, brain

open crown: spirituality, transcendence, oneness, divine connection, enlightenment, awareness, connection to the universe, wisdom, peace, inner-joy, wholeness, development of psychic abilities, unity

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